Course Blogs

Spring 2008 Creative Writing

January Term 2008:  The Far Reaches of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction 

Fall 2007 First-year Seminar: The Extraordinary in the Ordinary 

Spring 2006 Creative Writing 

Fall 2006 The Writing Workshop

Fall 2005 The Writing Workshop

Spring 2005  Creative Writing 

Spring 2005  The Writing Workshop II 

Fall 2004  Arts Writing 

Study Abroad Blogging : Blogging the World 

Fall 2004  First-year Seminar  Contemporary Ireland through Fiction and Film 

Spring 2004 –In fragments now due to faulty importing..will rectify: Creative Writing

Spring 2003  Creative Writing & Artswriting

Fall 2002 The Writing Process (comments were deleted in a system-wide spam purging…argh)

Spring 2002  The Writing Workshop

Fall 2001   Contemporary Ireland through Fiction and Film


2 Responses

  1. Barbara,
    I was wondering if you were up to doing a podcast about Digital Explorations? Would like my audience to know about what you are doing with it, how they can help/access/learn from it.

    I look forward to hearing from you, good luck at the SXSW.

    El Paso

    • Hi Tim,

      I’d be happy to speak with you about Digital Explorations–send me an email ( and we can find a time that works.
      Thanks for being interested in the work!


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