ELI Youtube Fear 2.0 Video

More anon on ELI and all the terrific people and ideas–my wee contribution to the Fear 2.0 digidrama:

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  1. These voices get right at the core of my own fears and those of many of my students and colleagues. Thank goodness I work with people (here and digitally) who counter those voices with support and suggestions.

  2. I agree, Jeff, about you having a fabulous support network–it was one of the true pleasures of ELI to see many of them here. You were missed!

    Your own Martha and Gardner made excellent points about confronting and overcoming the fear–Martha spoke about how we have to name the fear, get it out in the open and talk about it, as the psychologists tell us they do with people suffering from phobias. Gardner talked about the importance of sharing something authentic about ourselves with our students–something that matters to us about ourselves, and then they will begin to trust us, and they will be able to move through some of their fears.

  3. Yes, they’ve been key players in pushing me (and many others) to confront and move past those fears.

  4. Did we get past Fear 1.0? I know in getting around on the Riverwalk I was afraid of falling in – so I walked in the middle of the sidewalk. I saw some other folks who were doing likewise.

    For technology use, practice helps, at least for me. I try something out till I’m comfortable and until then I don’t tell anyone about it. I do lots of stupid stuff but nobody is the wiser about it. Live presentation is worse that way because there’s nowhere to hide.

    Humor also helps – take some amusement about the silly things we try. My office mate, Norma, has a a good sense of humor so we laugh a lot at our own silliness.

  5. This video is really relaxing. Shows that our fears are everybody’s fear… Wonderful to watch when feeling stuck. If we are not alone, why staying alone?

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