Where I’ve been…

In case you think I’ve been on a cruise, or pulling back from blogging, I want to assure anyone who actually reads bgblogging that I haven’t gone far–just over to my course blog and now to bgexperiments as I join my students in the 100 Words A Day experiment, something I didn’t suggest or assign (a student’s idea to join the fun) but am interested to try out with them. In the past students have wanted to keep blogging past the course, but few have kept at it as the crush of their new courses and the action on their social networking sites pull them away from this kind of writing practice & conversation. Perhaps the 100 Words a Day project will help them bridge the gap next month as they leave our intensive J-term course and struggle to find the discipline to write every day as they grow their skills and explore their creativity. Perhaps the 100 words a Day will get me writing more playfully again, daily, instead of solely crafting commentary and observation and reflection. Yes!

I do also have a long bgblogging-type slowpost brewing that I hope to get out before the end of the day (week, month–heheheh), but in the meantime, I will be posting my 100 words a day over on bgbexperiments; every morning someone else in the class will propose the day’s topic, and we will see what stirs. Two days into it, and I’m having a blast, not only experimenting but reading my students’ inspired Houdini-like transcending of the constraints of word limits. Connecting, sharing, learning. Anyone want to join us?


3 Responses

  1. How cool! Since I made the resolution to blog everyday I’m always looking for new ideas. Consider me on board.

  2. That’s great, Shannon–I’ve added you to our blogroll!

  3. Barbara,

    I’m a graduate student in the U.S. and I’m working on my Masters paper: “How are teachers using blogs in education?”

    I would love to send you a brief questionnaire, if you have time to answer it.

    If you’re interested please email me at:


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