Five Things about Me..

I thought I was going to get away without being involved in this one, but since Will tagged me, and since he revealed a love for Tess of the D’Ubervilles, well okay, I’ll play, too, as a way to ease into this new year.

Five Things People Aren’t Likely to Know about Me from my Blog:

1. Between sixth and ninth grades, I was a Thomas Hardy freak. I read and reread all of his novels several times–I still own the tear-stained copies. The heroine of an unfinished novel I wrote in 1997-8 was equally besotted with his work.

2. I was known in high school and college as the best Mick-Jagger-performing/singing-“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”- imitator of all time. Seriously. I was awesome. Shoulda done something with that gift…

3. Until I was 25, I hadn’t given a thought to teaching anything much less English and writing: through high school, I was determined to save the cheetah in Africa (an animal behavior class my first year at Williams College put an effective halt to that dream); during college I thought I’d become a silversmith out in Taos (still haven’t made it to New Mexico); after college for a couple of years, I ran an Asian art gallery in Seattle and thought I would pursue a PhD in art history, specializing in Sung Dynasty Chinese paintings (going to Chinese language summer school changed my mind).

4. To save me from a boy I was interested in and whom they deemed “trouble,” my college roommates dared me to ask out a boy I didn’t like, didn’t want to have anything to do with, and who was about to graduate and spend two years traveling around the world. To prove to my friends how preposterous an idea it was for the two of us to go out, I did ask him out–to my shock (and dismay) he said yes. To my even bigger surprise, I fell in love with him on that first date, and now I’ve been happily married to him for over 25 years!
(I wish I had a picture as fabulous as Terry’s from that era all cued up here–I’ll hunt around for one.)

5. I have an embarrassing childhood nickname that I’m not about to reveal here!

I tag Barbara, Laura, Toril, Helen and Spencer.