Vodcast of Digital Storytelling Talk for First Person Conference

If you’re interested in hearing & seeing a version of the talk I gave in Melbourne on digital storytelling in higher education, you can now, in addition to reading the text version (which includes all citations and links to the original files of all sorts). Here is the vodcast–be forewarned–it is 20 minutes long! I do know that ACMI plans to link the audiocasts of the talks off their site at some point. (Also, to keep the file size manageable, I’ve compressed it to a bit of a tinnier sound than I’d like… And so, I am also adding the audio file on its own.)

Start with the Introduction, and then watch the digital story. Originally the voiceover consisted of me talking live at the conference, so I am sure the recording will come off as much less interesting than the real thing. Give me a group a people, I say, and watch me get passionate about a topic!


Digital Storytelling and Higher Education: Context, Community and Imagination

Audio version only (with long silences where the digital-stories-within-the-digital-story play)