Off to Juniata College and The College of Wooster

Tomorrow I head to Juniata College in Pennsylvania to give a workshop-length version of the presentation I made at Antioch College last summer:

I’ll post the talk notes and slides, responses and reflections in a couple of days.

And then it’s over to Ohio’s The College of Wooster for the two-day-plus NITLE Social Software Users Group Meeting. We’ll be using a wiki (which I’ll link to here once we get it going if we decide to make it open) and I hope to blog the Open Space meeting. I’m eager to hear what other liberal arts faculty and instructional technologists are making of the rapid changes in the Web 2.0 technologies landscape, the clarion call for an overhauling of the educational system, and the opportunities for ever more interesting collaborations between classrooms, colleges, and grade-levels. Looking forward to seeing some examples of classroom practices.

More soon…

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