2005 Edublog Nominations

The 2005 International Edublog Awards Nominations have been announced, and I am honored, delighted, and well, just plain old floored to be on the Shortlist alongside some of my heroes and mentors in this work, including Will Richardson, Stephen Downes, Adrian Miles, Dave Warlick, and George Siemensamong many others.

To my surprise, bgblogging has been nominated in the “Best Individual Blog” category, and my spot on EdTechTalk with Dave Cormier and Jeff Lebow made it into two categories, “Best example/case study of use of weblogs within teaching and learning” and “Most Influential post, resource or presentation.” What is particularly rewarding is being nominated with Dave and Jeff–their work in bringing educators from all over the planet for lively discussions has gone a long way towards giving a wide range of educators a real sense of community.

I’m also quite astonished to be nominated next to Will Richardson, whose work has really made a big difference to teachers of all grades–he has a way of including everyone while pushing the thinking; Stephen Downes, who has had such a profound impact on edublogging, and Ulises Ali Mejias, whose work I am just coming to know.

When I first started blogging with my students in the fall of 2001, I had little inkling that by the fall of 2005, my own blogging, and the reading of the magnificently inventive, insightful, and bold edublogs out there would be as instrumental to my teaching as the work with blogs and multimedia narrative and podcasting with my students has been inside the classroom. I had no idea that this new kind of community would form between educators online–not strictly through discussions, but through reading one another’s posts, looking into one another’s classrooms, hearing one another’s podcasts and then synthesizing the learning and weaving it into our own teaching practices. To think of where these next four years will take us…wow…