Blogging in the First Year of College

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As I make my way home from Yellow Springs, Ohio and Antioch College (a lovely little town and school that conjures up many images of students wanting to make a difference in the world) where I joined (sans links to the blog!) Alex Wirth-Cauchon from MITC, Nancy Knop from Ohio Wesleyan and Janet Russell from The College of Wooster to talk about integrating technology into the first year experience, I’m delighted to find a wireless hotspot in the Dayton airport. It’s always a pleasure to hear about the innovative and effective uses of technology at other liberal arts institutions–every year the circle of colleagues using technology in interesting and inspiring ways expands, and the questions and conversation get ever more interesting.

For those who want to take a gander, here are Download
the slides and links from my talk


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  1. A great presentation, bg! Very thorough and visually stimulating. What a blogging journey you have been on these past four years. As I’m making the final plans for my First-Year Seminar this fall, I’m struggling to fit everything in!

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