Blog Design for Dummies

Having switched from Manila to Movable Type this summer, not only have I had to transfer huge archives from one blog platform to another, I have had to learn just how to manipulate such a pure blogging tool to do what I would like it to do–it’s not an easy matter if you’re a) not skilled at html (read that, not a tech-head), and b) have rather non-blog like requirements of your faithful blog (wanting it also to behave as a knowledge management tool at times rather than a constantly evolving discussion–sometimes teachers have to give information out and keep it somewhere easily accessible). Not easy at all.

I have found some sites out there that have helped me enormously in the design of my blogs.

Hail to the how-to sites such as Mandarin Design(thanks to Will Richardson for this tip some time ago;
Media Tinker

Has anyone compiled a list of other such resources?

Of course, if I would just sit down and finally learn Dreamweaver properly, I wouldn’t need all this help… But I’m the kind of person who doesn’t ask directions, who doesn’t read directions, who likes to plunge in and try things out–an experiential, non-linear learner, a natural blogger-type?

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