Mapping Creativity

Via an email discussion group, I’ve been sent a link to the The Next Generation Foundation website on which there’s an ongoing project to create a FLASH map of creativity:

“A user-friendly, interactive database of innovative educational projects around the world…”

Héctor and I were just talking today about mapping stories on the local level, and here’s an example of a kind of mapping of projects, resources and people. Certainly this sort of approach contextualizes the work in terms of place and space. But does it provide connectors–ways to see relationships between work being done, say, in Africa and in Scandinavia? Thinking about how I might use mapping in Arts writing.


Blog Design for Dummies

Having switched from Manila to Movable Type this summer, not only have I had to transfer huge archives from one blog platform to another, I have had to learn just how to manipulate such a pure blogging tool to do what I would like it to do–it’s not an easy matter if you’re a) not skilled at html (read that, not a tech-head), and b) have rather non-blog like requirements of your faithful blog (wanting it also to behave as a knowledge management tool at times rather than a constantly evolving discussion–sometimes teachers have to give information out and keep it somewhere easily accessible). Not easy at all.

I have found some sites out there that have helped me enormously in the design of my blogs.

Hail to the how-to sites such as Mandarin Design(thanks to Will Richardson for this tip some time ago;
Media Tinker

Has anyone compiled a list of other such resources?

Of course, if I would just sit down and finally learn Dreamweaver properly, I wouldn’t need all this help… But I’m the kind of person who doesn’t ask directions, who doesn’t read directions, who likes to plunge in and try things out–an experiential, non-linear learner, a natural blogger-type?