The History of Innovation

Thomas Burg has recently posted a list of texts on the history of innovation–and as I am trying hard this summer to catch up on my reading (cybertheory and such as well as the usual Irish lit assortment), I can see that some of these titles should be added to my list. Between his list and the constant stream of papers and articles referenced on SmartMobs, the new course blogs I am trying to design (leaving lots of room for the students to re-design and transform my initial work) I need another couple of months of summer just to keep up. Make that six.

And then there’s moblogging to keep playing with, and SubEtha Edit, about which Roland is writing , and the City of Memory Project that interests me–here’s a partial description:

City of Memory reflects the old saying, “there are a million stories in the naked city”. But there are actually millions of cities, each one created inside of each individual New Yorker. By sharing these stories, we can find out more about how similar and different we really are. City of Memory tries to collapse the distance that is between us by encouraging exploration in ways other than physical space.

Then there are the developments with videoblogging by Vblogcentral (again, thanks to Thomas Burg for this link.

How does a non-techie teacher immersed in a media-rich, technology-saturated classroom make her way through the changes, the options, the promising possibilites? Today alone I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying out various designs for my artswriting blog. Hours. And then some. I need months and months—

Yet right now the swallows, by the hundreds, are lining up on our telephone wires, which can only mean one thing…the fall migration will begin any minute, which means that my students will be here soon and I will head out of my reading immersion and into the classroom.


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  1. It’s such a dilemma–that balancing act–too much/not enough.Blogging could be a full time occupation.

    You have taken on too many things for a perfectionst. What will you do???

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