Phone Cams and Art

The BBC has posted an article about Phone Cams and art
–I’d like to see the exhibit. Is it online? It should be… We can use the technology and read about it online, but then have to travel to England to see the exhibition. I feel a tension here…

It reminds me of the split between blogging as a free-flow experience and then presenting about blogs via Powerpoint at conferences–isn’t there something wrong with this picture? Of course me being me, I tried to present via the blog itself and with everyone live blogging, downloaning and what not in the room, the bandwidth was pretty maxed out.

At Blogtalk2 last month,Mark Bernstein mentionedthe challenge of getting people to understand the non-linear possibilities of hypertext –we’re hanging onto the linear “text” part of the presentation or of the installed rather than virtual exhibition.

More on moblogging in my arts writing classroom–
As I get further and further into designs for my fall course, I continue to play around with ideas on how to incorporate moblogging into our ‘zine–I’m leaning towards a collaborative/live blogging experiment on fieldtrips, for instance. Instead of students sitting in the car talking to their friends about plans for the evening, while we’re driving to MASSmoCA, as they have in the past, why not have them all contributing to an impressionistic narrative of the experience? We could blog on the way, blog there and then blog a few days later, comparing the differences in content and writing style/voice/approach. I think it would be an interesting way to examine our multiple writing selves, and how we experience art. Of course, this calls into question the whole notion of quieting oneself, emptying oneself in the presence of art in order to experience it, to fully interact with it. With the phone or laptop be a conduit or a hindrance to that experience? Looking forward to finding out…

Time to start playing around with Flickr. School’s but a month away…

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