More on SMS: in Africa (Am I On a Jag Here?)

I belong to a forum discussing open source developments and equal access to the power of technological developments, and just received an email about a newsletter Pambazuka News–An Information Service for Social Justice in Africa which is putting out a call for mobile phone users throughout Africa to SMS messages in support of the Protocol for Women’s Rights in Africa! Remarkable–

And I thought that organizing, discussing and contributing online to the Dean Campaign last winter was pushing the envelope for non-profits and politicians…yesterday it was mobroadcasting…what will be tomorrow’s development?


Scary thought–

Via Rick Heller ‘s Blogmarlette.gif

Will the next cartoon feature blogs in classrooms? Moblogging, I bet–

Scary thought– I can just see my students taking photos of me doing something particularly foolish (as I am wont to do) and posting them (or worse, videos) to the blog. Aiyiyiyi… Can you imagine what kids in middle school classrooms are dreaming up? Digital stories on the go of the class in session, or what they wish they were doing instead of sitting through class… Might have to experiment with this in arts writing this fall. What if we all took our little flippy phones to an art exhibition and wrote our responses incorporating video/sound/image right there from the show?