Nora’s Baking Business…

…is going swimmingly. I’ll post some pics later of her latest creations. She first started this business at 15 when she couldn’t figure out how to earn money when no one was hiring kids her age, and so because she had received a good deal of praise for her cakes, and she saw an ad in the paper for the farmer’s market, she opened up shop with a table covered in cakes. And week after week, she sold out. Now she’s selling by special order only–six cakes in the last two days, two more for the weekend. Not bad.

And I’m here working on my Alumni College course by topening a new blog (fledgling at this point, but, the wonderful thing about it is that I can use the first-year seminar blog’s contents as the living course. Once again the students will see how their work matters. And yesterday I heard from Héctor that Paul Amsbary has a little gizmo that rates sites and the Irish film/lit one is doing very well indeed for itself. Who would have known back in 2001 when we put the first blog in place midway through the semester!

I am frustrated that I cannot get my hands on several Irish short films. What do they do following their film-festival runs–die on the filmmaker’s shelf? I gotta ask Valerie about this conumdrum.

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