Writing about Food as Art

–Making progress on the >WP 200 Writing Across the Artscourse. I’m continuing to grow my ideas about how this course might best serve my students.

For one, I would like to follow up on my informal invitation to Roland Tanglao at Blogtalk about participating in the blog discussions. Roland is a food writer, ( and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading his food blog, VanEat,), but how many people around here would consider food prep one of our arts? Coincidentally, I just read on Middlebury’s fall calendar that on October 22 there’s to be a lecture given on the history of French cuisine–aha!–Roland could fit in brilliantly! It might be interesting, too, to get Amy who writes for Lonely Planet and Williams Sonoma cookbooks to respond to the kids interested in food plus travel writing…am I getting too far awy from the fine and performance arts??

But food writing– how could I forget that our own young creative writing teacher, Stacie Cassarino, cooked up a storm in one of the big-deal NYC Italian kitchens, or that gorgeous little exchange Jim Grant and Letitia Williams had about cooking and food passions on the course blog a couple of years ago? Artswriting alum, Lia Lopez, has done some serious food writing, both in her work for the course and during an internship at Eating Well Magazine last winter, and truth be known I’ve been known to write a food review here and there myself.

So let’s by all means add food writing to the list of possible arts for the group to explore.

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