On Teaching Arts Writing Again…

I teach WP 200 Writing Across the Arts once every two years or so, and I always find myself having to change all kinds of things in the course because so much has changed in the art world. Last time I taught it, in the Spring of 2003, I thought I had the blogging aspect down, at least, and so what would change was the focus of our endeavor, not the process, and certainly not the tools. HA!

Reality #1 Tools change/grow/are abandoned and so Writing Across the Arts moves not only to a new blog, but from Manila to Movable Type. And so a not particularly tech-saavy but relatively fearless teacher embarks on a new arts writing blog adventure. With the help of two energetic, expert students (Cha-ly and Kristen) I am transferring the entire Manila arts writing blog to this one (and what a task that is!!).

Reality #2 The arts world is as affected by technology as I am, and all kinds of things are happening and are possible now that weren’t before. Right now I am exploring the incredible range of Arts Journal on line, their feeds (some 180 journals) and their bloggers. I plan to do something with these blogs–have students choose one to follow and comment on? I also am thinking very seriously of having the arts writing blog BE an online journal, updated daily. Gotta talk with Héctor about this.

Reality#3 Technology both makes life easier and more complex. As the editors of Digital Media Revisited write in their Introduction, “Innovation implies increased flexibility and freedom, but also increased complexity.” Hmmmm…..Indeed… I’ve taken on way too much this summer and a wondering how I can possibly do it all well, plus really learn the ins and outs of MT and sharpen my Dreamweaver and FinalCutPro skills, learn Flash, etc. etc. especially when Nora is home for the summer before going off to college…

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