More Discoveries…

As I write the paper for BLOGTALK 2, I am visiting some of my of my favorite hypertext and technology-in-education visionaries, George Landow and Jay David Bolter, right now throught their essays in the 2003 Digital Media Revisited. Whoa, how have I missed what Landow is doing at National University of Singapore? He may not be blogging quite the way we are at Middlebury ( and perhaps why Mark Bernstein suggests I contact him about our work, especially the archiving/live incorporation of previous semesters’ work), but he is creating many of the same kinds of interlinked, archived, layers and dimensions of student-centered learning that we are. I need to explore the site fully and consider how we might learn from his example.

I am also delighted to read in Bolter’s essay, “Theory and Practice in New Media Studies” a cogent explanation for the inability of humanities departments to “exploit the possibilities of multilinear rhetoric” (p.20) whereas teachers of writing “understand writing by computer as a new form whose continuity with and difference from writing for print are worth exploring.” (p. 26)

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