Working on my Alumni College Course

I really want to continue reflecting here, right now, about BLOGTALK 2 but I have other pressing obligations, namely PIE (The Project for Integrated Expression), which I have just about caught up with today, and my Irish course for Alumni College, for which I have decided to set up a new blog. Interesting choice, really. I could have used the first-year seminar blog, but that one sprawls and feels as though it really belongs to that group opf students; after all, I set the Fall 2003 group up a new blog and linked off of it the archives from the 2001 course blog such as it was, that first, throw-it-together-on-the-fly-in-the-middle-of-the-semester blog.

I’ve also got to give a good deal of attention to the Arts writing blog and course not to mention the paper for BLOGTALK, the presentation Héctor and I are making next Thursday for Joe Lambert and the Digital Storytelling Symposium at Williams.

And to think it’s summer… a time for reading and reflection, writing and dreaming…

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