NITLE Conference Invitation

I just received an invitation from Bryan Alexander and Amy McGill of Middlebury College’s Center for Educational Technology to present at the November NITLE national conference with Bryan and Bret.

Needless to say, I accepted, appreciating the opportunity to articulate my ideas about incorporating multimedia narrative into the literature and writing classrooms. As I wrap up my talk notes for BLOGTALK2 , it’s good to get this push to think about multimedia narrative beyond blogs, and how I plan to include all kinds of multimedia work in my Arts writing course–NOT, this blog hasn’t yet been completely brought over from the old Manila Artswriting Blog. Hector was suggesting today that as I send students out on their beats (and hopefully link them up to Middlebury Magazine’s online version), that I consider having them use QTVR (is that what it’s called?) when they examine and respond to three dimensional works of art. I need to write to Paul Klein about ideas. So much, TOO much to do beofre Sunday when we take off for Ireland.

In July I have to focus my thoughts on the new iteration of Artswriting, plan my Alumni College Course (my Irish film lit gig), and think about PIE as well as possibly submitting an article to INNOVATE. Summer, what summer?

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