Digitization Center

In my role as faculty member sitting on the committee making plans for the new library’s Center for Digitiazation (or whatever it is to be called), I am charged with coming up with ideas for the center as a locus of learning. If the center is to be a success , we have to make sure that students aren’t coming in just to view movies or to wordprocess or IM, but that the entire community views the space as an essential, exciting place on campus. Some ideas I’m throwing around:

Objectives: To encourage the college community to use the facility in ways that enhance the Middlebury liberal arts experience.


**WORKING GROUP Faculty Advisory Committee
Bring together the high-end users once a month for lunch to discuss their needs, ideas, contacts, research and applications of the center.
Faculty to Include: Hector Vila (have him head the committee), Kathy Skubikowski, MaryEllen Bertolini, Catharine Wright, Barbara Ganley, Barbara Hofer, Jason Mittell, Ted Perry, Deb Ellis, Eric Davis, etc.—bring Dave Guertin’s science people in, too, as well as the geographers such as Anne Knowles

We should pursue a Mellon grant or something along these lines to provide fellowships for faculty to develop innovate practices of digital media use in the liberal arts curriculum.

**CONFERENCE on Integrating Digital Media into the Liberal Arts Classroom (Co-sponsor with CET?? Or propose a MELLON summer workshop? Do something with Williams?)

–Introduction to the tools, Beginner-Advanced

–Effective Use of the Tools in Presentations/Class Assignments

–Integrating Multi-Media into the Classroom
-Faculty-led Workshops: Best Practices Demonstrations (Collaborate with Center for Teaching, Learning and Research) –using Segue & Blogs for multi-media work, CMS vs. knowledge-production, collaborations, video, multi-media writing
-CET modules?
-Outside experts –Teaching with Technology Series
-Annual Competition “Best Multi-Media Project by a Student”
-Interdepartmental Collaborations (a la Wellesley)
-Service-Learning Applications

–On-line tutorials (In-house and ELEMENTK)


–Links to Outside Resources including work done at Other Colleges/Universities i.e. Washington; MIT, Williams, Minnesota, Maryland, Columbia, GeorgiaTech, Carnegie Foundation (Knowledge Media Lab)

–Tie-in with Center for Teaching, Learning and Research

–Best Practices/Models Section

–Multi-Media Publication (‘zine)—Link to/Collaborate with Online Middlebury Magazine

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