Opening a Nerve Center Where I’ll Keep My Commentary, Reflections, and Works-in-Progress in BG’s Blogdom

I’ve tried this once before, way back in the early days of CET’s Manila blogs–I think I called that one Writing Mania or something of the ilk. Now that I am working through ideas on educational blogging for upcoming conference papers, and as I delve more and more into emergence theory-as-a-classroom practice or what I see others calling collaborative intelligence (as opposed to collective intelligence, I suppose, though I’m not sure I completely understand the difference) and digital storytelling as a means of academic discourse, I’m hoping to post to this blog regularly.

I’ve been blogged again, this time for Contemporary Ireland through Fiction and Film–it’s good to see that edubloggers are finding us. Will they find us once we’ve moved all my blogs: Artswriting which I’m in the throes of setting up on MT as we speak, the Irish blog, and Creative Writing, plus all their earlier incarnations?

For now this blog will look a little spare, until I’ve really figured out the tool and its possibilities.

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